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Neurodiversity Affirming Groups

We offer a variety of groups to help our clients work towards achieving their goals. 

ND Hangout

A group where neurodivergent kids ages 10-13 can meet each other, hang out, and have fun in a safe, no-pressure zone. 

ND Art Group

In a fun, art-based session, kids express themselves creatively while remaining focused on social-emotional well-being, self and peer advocacy, and emotional regulation. 

Yellow Zebra Yoga Group

Led by Mumbi Johnson, yoga instructor, Yellow Zebra sessions help kids become more aware of their bodies and brains, while guiding them through yoga and mindfulness exercises.

Literacy Group

Through a mixture of games, reading, and discussion, we explore different skills that increase accuracy and proficiency with encoding and decoding for students who find literacy challenging. 


Peer Mentor Program

In the Peer Mentor Program, we pair individuals who we think would enjoy each other's company and give them the opportunity to connect and instill confidence in themselves and one another. We provide different opportunities for learning and growth. This program can contribute toward volunteer hour requirements for high school.

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